Tor-Finn Malum Fitje (1989) was born in Porsgrunn and grew up in Bergen, Norway, where he first studied Film Production, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Directing. He went on to do a BFA at Konstfack, before earning his MFA at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm in 2016. Currently based in Oslo, Malum Fitjes work includes essayistic video and audio installations, as well as text-based art. He has exhibited at Gallery Golsa, Kabuso, Kunsthall Stavanger, Fotogalleriet in Oslo and Moderna Museet in Stockholm.

Thomas Anthony Hill (1989) born in Coffs Harbor, Australia, grew up in Bergen, Norway and has lived in Oslo since 2017. In 2014 he graduated with a Master’s degree in Comparative Literature at the University of Bergen and has since then worked as a film critic and translator. Together with Malum Fitje he has created the works Hyphenic (2018) and Ad Nauseam (2020).

The video installation Ad Nauseam portrays a society where doubt no longer  exists: neurologists have reached a complete understanding of the brain, the savoury ice creams dominate all restaurant menus while the open kitchen solution has been ruled mandatory by law. Christianity and Neo-atheism have merged to form The Faitheist Church and there is a worldwide agreement on all The Last Rules of Football. And yet, this society is  permeated by a chaos so severe that it’s hard for anyone to breathe. The problem is that  everything is now identically important; there is no perimeter of value. Through an essayistic approach that the artists have called “undoubting narration”, Ad Nauseam can be understood as a critical response to the modern paradigm of truth, the conception that all ways of looking  at the world can be equally true. The title refers to the logical fallacy where a discussion has  been ongoing for so long that the topic is declared dead. This is particularly relevant in a time  typified by heated debates on political correctness, fake news and the idea that all  interpretations of modern art can be valid at the same time.

Three video works from Ad Nauseam by Tor-Finn and Thomas Anthony is presented at the exhibition, and the artists have also granted us access to them so you can also watch the in the comfort of your home:

Ad Nauseam: Ab Ducted! (2020)

Ad Nauseam: The Last Rules of Football (2020)

Ad Nauseam: The Faitheist Church (2019)

Tor-Finn Malum Fitje Thomas Anthony Hill "Ad Nauseam" installaion view Kontraskjæret Oslo foto: Glafira Severianova
Tor-Finn Malum Fitje Thomas Anthony Hill “Ad Nauseam” installaion view Kontraskjæret Oslo foto: Glafira Severianova
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